We Compress And Process Your Data

SiliconIP offers several new compression components that set new performance for industry standards

About Us

SiliconIP compresses data fast and efficiently

We are a data compression company with a revolutionary new approach to mission-critical silicon IP design and implementation. Our solutions are proven to perform above all current standards relative to costs, speeds, efficiencies and end-user satisfaction guidelines. Our secure high throughput, low latency, cost-efficient, SiliconIP and custom software designs, generate, as a whole or in unison, the most comprehensive data compression, computing and transmission technology available today.

Our Solutions

Our unique product mix is industry agnostic.

Competitive Advantages

Leading-edge indexing, searching, rank, AI, IoT Analytics, and Large Data functionality

Better Compression

Our algorithm allows for better compression than known algorithms, along with a lower implementation cost, lower latency, lower energy consumption, and higher throughput

Process The Data In Its Compressed Form

Our method enables arithmetic logical operations, searching, matching, and more.

SiliconIP offers several new comression components that provide better performance than industry standards

Most Affected Industries


Military, Defense, and Medical


Multimedia, Gaming, Virtual Reality, and Mobile Systems


Information Retrieval

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