Value Proposition

What Sets Us Apart

Our competitors are using accelerated software-based compression solutions which are far removed from the core to be of highly effective impact. Silicon IPs’ hardware-based solutions implementable through FPGAs and ASICs connected to servers via fast buses are designed for achieving superb compression ratios along with an unprecedented impact to speed, bandwidth, latency, throughput, energy consumption, conservation, and cost. Our solutions provide orders of magnitude better performance compared to current industry metrics.

Ability to compressIntegers for Index, AI and IoT

Our industry leading indexing, AI and IoT Compression Solutions deliver impressive compression ratios to correlated sequential data of well-formed integers with extremely low latency and energy consumption. Ideal for enterprise web crawling tasks requiring fast search and retrieval functionality. Ideal for massive data sets requiring robust throughput and dynamic transmission rates from the data center to the cloud.

Ability to compressGeneral Data for storage and communication

Our General Data Compression Solutions deliver extreme low latency rates and significantly lower energy and implementation costs with moderate compression ratios to uncorrelated or unknown successive values and properties, e.g., general memory files. Ideal for augmenting or replacing current solutions for storage and memory savings with trail blazing response times, from server to sensor.

Compressed Domain Processor

Our revolutionary Compressed Domain Processor is the industry’s first Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) for performing logic and arithmetic operations of compressed data within the compressed domain. This disruptive technology computes immense data streams within their compressed state by circumventing the long, tedious, energy intensive tasks of decompress, compute, re-compress, replacing todays commonly used, industry standards.